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D.Eliza Artificial Intelligence

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d_elizaD.Eliza is a kind of an Artificial Intelligence which can interact with hundreds of people at the same time and make chat conversations over the internet. D.Eliza was developed in 2009 by Gishan Chaturanga as an experiment. D.Eliza can also be identified as a problem solver and you can have a great time while chatting with her as she can understand what you say very clearly and response accordingly. During the period of 2010-2011, D.Eliza didn’t undergo much improvements. But the system still seems to be stable and running fine and making people funny. Currently D.Eliza can understand plain English only. You can have a chat with her by following

D.Eliza is not a public service. It is running on a private server on experimental basis. It uses pure Microsoft Windows® server technologies as a supportive infrastructure to interact with the internet users. D.Eliza does not involve in any commercial activity. Instead it lives 24 hours online and speaks to creative people all over the world.

Chat with D.Eliza

Have an unforgettable talk:

Viewing HTTP Headers of a Website

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This is the most valuable and useful tool for web developers and SEO (search engine optimization) people. Understanding correct server status codes is required when working with the sites with many URL rewrites, specially when working with redirects. The redirect response codes such as HTTP 301 (Moved Permanently) are normally cached by the browsers. Therefore you cannot understand the correct server response without this kind of a tool.

View HTTP Headers and Response Contents Tool

This tool can also be used to retrieve the server response content too.

More features


The tool can connect to the website using various types of user agent strings. It includes almost all popular browsers as well as search engines such as Google bot and MSN bot (Bing)

Access the tool

Free and unlimited. Enjoy!

How To Send Free MMS to Sri Lanka

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Send Free MMS to Dialog, Mobitel and Etisalat

The advantage of sending MMS instead SMS is, you can attach pictures and files in to your messages. Not like in SMS, in a MMS the number of characters you can type per message is unlimited.  Allowing you such a service free is like giving you both car and patrol for free since you need not any handset to use the service.

Send FREE MMS to Sri Lanka Tools

This tool can send professional grade MMS to Dialog, Mobitel and Etisalat with attachments. Unlike other services, in this tool there will be NO advertisements in the messages you send. So it is absolutely free and unlimited. Also this service allows you to attach files into your MMS upto 10MB. This is the only MMS service to offer intelligent photo compressing and file hosting for free in order to deliver large files in a MMS, easily to any network.

More information

If you want more information about MMS technology or more information about above described free MMS servers, please visit this website:

Setup your mobile phone to receive MMS

Dialog GPRS, MMS, MyTV settings
Mobitel GPRS, MMS settings
Etisalat MMS settings
Etisalat recommended GPRS settings for prepaid and postpaid