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How To Type Sinhala Unicode Letters

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Type in Sinhala, visit:

If you are not an expert in Sinhalese keyboard most probably you have to use a Singlish unicode converter which converts “mama wada” to “මම වැඩ”. There are number of Singlish to Sinhala unicode converters on the web such as real-time Unicode converter from UCSC. Later Google released Type in Sinhalese – Google Transliteration tool. Both were online tools. You need to have an online internet connection to use them (in some conditions you could use real-time Unicode converter offline too).

“Type In Sinhala app” for Facebook and web

Type In Sinhala

Facebook app:

This is a new software. It is more easy to use than any other software. It converts Singish style into Sinhala Unicode in realtime. Also it allow you to save your frequently used Sinhala Unicode phases in to your account and retrieve later when you have signed up with the software.

To access online writing software directly:

Option 2: Use Google Transliteration IME to type Sinhala letters

This is an 100% offline Windows based tool. Still in beta and not very reliable. This will convert the Singlish phrase into Sinhala Unicode. You can install it and use with most of the Windows application environments. Once you install the tool Windows language bar will appear on the task bar.

Download IME here:


Select SI Sinhala (Sri Lanka) from the language bar menu.


Then Google Transliteration IME toolbar will appear on your screen. Now click (point your cursor) where you need to type in Sinhalese. The main advantage is you can type in directly where you need to type in Sinhalese instead of typing in a separate program and then copying and pasting it to where necessary.


මෙය වින්ඩෝස් මෙහෙයුම් පද්දතිය තුල සිංහල වදන් හැසිරවීම සඳහා දැනට ඇති පහසුම ක්‍රමයයි.

If you are facing problems with Google Transliteration IME, you can still use Type In Sinhala tool,  Type in Sinhalese – Google Transliteration tool or  real-time Unicode converter from UCSC online without any installation.