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How To Unlock Dongles in Sri Lanka for Free

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In Sri Lankan it is known that the dongle unlocks charge from Rs.1000 – Rs.2500 per unlock per dongle. Why pay more to unlock your own dongle which you have paid already at the purchase. With the trick mentioned below you, yourself can unlock your dongle at no extra cost.

How to unlock the dongle

Download this RAR package and extract it.
Password to RAR package is raswuce4a*r6@4a

Run gsetup.exe and install the software
(Ex: install to C:\Program Files\DC-Unlocker)


Now go to the installation path (C:\Program Files\DC-Unlocker) and replace dccrap.exe and UniKey.dll files with the files given in the package. By doing this you wont have to buy unlock credits!
Disconnect and remove all other dongles connected to your PC. Connect the dongle you want to unlock and make sure that the internet connection is disconnected in the dongle.

Run dccrap.exe


Select the manufacturer of your dongle.
In Sri Lanka most used dongles are manufactured by Huawei datacards and ZTE datacards. Select this appropriately.
Keep the select modal field as auto detect.
Click the Search button.

dongle unlock

Click Unlock button.
Done. Your dongle is unlocked.

PS: You don’t have to buy any credits. This software has enough credits for you to enjoy during your life time.

Free MMS to Dialog

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A new MMS (multimedia messaging service) server for sending Free and Unlimited MMS has been opened. This tool converts your message to MIME content formats as defined in the MMS Message Encapsulation specification and forwards to the Dialog MMSC.


  • Unlimited MMS.
  • Free to use.
  • You can attach pictures, files in to messages.
  • No advertisements, links or any other 3rd party content in messages sent.
  • Your phone number and name are automatically attached with each message you send.
  • Attach files upto 10 MB! This is the only MMS service to offer intelligent photo compressing and file
    hosting for free in order to deliver large files in a MMS, easily to any network.


Send Free MMS using MMS ALT server from this URL:

Please comment regarding any issue.

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Dialog Tune

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Sound mark of Dialog Axiata

Remixed version (MP3) ListenDownload

Dialog tune is the registered sound mark of Dialog Axiata, Sri Lanka. The sound is subjected to the copyright of Dialog Axiata PLC. Note that this is not a permanent post. This will be deleted within few days.

Dialog 4G

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Telecom regulator excited by speed

Dialog switches 4G on

Dialog Axiata, announced the commencement of its 4th Generation LTE pilot Network in the Colombo. Picture shows Director General of the Telecommunications Regulator Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) Anusha Pelpita, along with Dialog Axiata’s COO, Supun Weerasingha, officiating at a demonstration of LTE network capabilities.

The pilot network will initially cover several key zones within the city and is billed to be the first exposition of a 4th Generation LTE network in the South Asian region.

Director General of the Telecommunications Regulator Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL) Anusha Pelpita officiated at a demonstration of LTE network capabilities featuring the achievement of data speeds in excess of 100 MBps in indoor demonstration mode, and 40-50 MBps in outdoor mobile usage scenarios within the city.

Dr.Hans Wijayasuriya briefing DG TRCSL on the revolutionary network

Applause from the audience as the download speed exceeds 100 Mbps.

Youtube HD experience without any buffering.

Monitor shows the download speed as 124.7 Mbps

Commenting on the company’s initiative to implement a 4G Pilot Network, Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya said, “Dialog is proud to have the opportunity of carrying out an LTE trial in Colombo city. Technology life cycles are shrinking with each successive generation of technology and we are committed to make our network infrastructure compatible with the very latest technology and to provide our customers with network capability on par with the most developed markets in the world. The progressive policies of the TRCSL have enabled Sri Lanka to lead the region in this respect. LTE implementations are still in a nascent stage in most markets with terminal (dongle) availability being significantly limited. However, as we have seen in the case of 2G as well as 3G-HSPA, terminal availability cycles are accelerating and there is no doubt that LTE will be a fore-runner among high speed broadband technologies in the years to come. Dialog will build on the learning from the pilot network, to leverage the strengths of LTE technology towards making 4th Generation broadband services available and affordable to our customers from across all parts of Sri Lanka”

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Dialog 4G Demo

Everything you needed to know about Dialog 4G

Retrieved form an interview with General Manager, International Business
& Mobile Broadband, Navin Pieris.

DB: What exactly is 4G?

NP: 4G stands for 4th generation and it is the successor to
2G and 3G standards. 4G enables much faster data rates and lower latency on
mobile devices and, therefore, provides a platform for real-time multimedia
content delivery. It will drive real-time applications such as telemedicine,
traffic applications, online multiuser gaming, movie streaming, etc..

DB: What does LTE mean?

NP: LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and it will have
excellent support for browsing, VOIP, roaming and other IP based services.
Theoretically, it can reach speeds up to 300 Mbps. However, practical speeds
will be less. Dialog has been able to demonstrate speeds above 100Mbps.

DB: How current is this technology?

NP: It is the next evolution of mobile data technology.
Therefore, it is very current, and can even be termed the future. Only
approximately 36 networks are tipped to be commercially live by 2012.

DB: What are the benefits of using 4G?

NP: The key aspects are speed, reduction in latency and the
simplification of roaming. Therefore, all applications will perform much better.
Together with new devices it will make work and play on the move much more

DB: In what parts of the country is this service available,

NP: LTE is not commercially available in Sri Lanka just yet.
There are a few challenges, such as necessary spectrum allocation, to be met.
Further, LTE device-availability and pricing have to improve before it is useful
to our customers. Currently, the trail network is available in key zones across
Colombo Fort, Colombo 2, 3 and 4, and Narahenpita.

DB: What are the hardware requirements? Are phones and
dongles that support 4G/LTE readily available at the moment?

NP: Device-availability is at the initial stage. Few device
vendors such as Samsung, Motorola, etc. have 4G devices. Other vendors have
announced plans for availability. However, the devices are expensive, currently,
but we expect the prices to fall rapidly with the maturing of the technology and
volume growth A word of caution, though: Most of these devices will support
multiple channels. However, it will be best to wait till the spectrums are
allocated in Sri Lanka to ascertain device-compatibility.

DB: Some customers might be concerned that Dialog will now
focus more on developing 4G and not pay too much attention to improving the
existing 3G service. What do you have to say to these customers?

NP: it is not one or the other. We continue to improve in
all areas when it comes to providing a quality 3G service. We have added over
300 access towers this year, and will continue to add. We’ve also added
additional internet capacity. Sometimes, during this process, customers may feel
a drop in speed or have a few challenges with connecting on to the network. This
will happen when new base stations are added and network optimization and tuning
are in progress. We are doing our best to minimise any disruption.

We have paid attention to feedback we get from our customers on Facebook and
through other channels. We have noted comments from the North and East for
additional coverage and improvements in quality. The incessant rains and the
unfortunate flooding pushed our plans back a bit. However, these requirements
will be addressed.

DB: What is the next step? Where do we go from here?

NP: I think improvement in quality of service is key. We
will be concentrating on building more capacity, making infrastructure
improvements, and making service improvements to meet the expectations of our
rapidly growing customer base.

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Dialog 3G

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Dialog Telekom launches 3G services in Colombo

on 15th August, 2006

Sri Lanka’s leading Mobile Telecommunications company announced today that they would launch Commercial 3G services in the City of Colombo with effect from 16th August 2006. In doing so the Company puts Sri Lanka on the map as the first country in South Asia to launch a 3rd Generation network.

Chief Executive Dialog Telekom Dr.Hans Wijayasuriya received the 3G license from Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) Chairman and Secretary to the President, Lalith Weeratunge and Director General Kanchana Ratwatte earlier today, signalling the formal go ahead from the government of Sri Lanka for the introduction of commercial 3G services in Sri Lanka.

Announcing the commencement of the company’s commercial 3G service, Dr Wijayasuriya emphasised the company’s appreciation of the progressive and pro-evolution policies of the TRCSL " Sri Lanka becomes the first 3G enabled country in South Asia due in no small measure, to the progressive policies of the TRCSL. The TRCSL has lead the region in terms of technology evolution for many years. Sri Lanka was also the first country to introduce GSM in South Asia in 1995. With respect to 3G, Dialog has the good fortune of being permitted to carry out a 3G trial as far back as 2 years ago well ahead of regional counterparts. Today, with the introduction of commercial services in the city of Colombo, we begin an all new journey in to 3rd Generation services and high speed mobile broadband”

Commenting on the introduction of 3G services in Sri Lanka, Director General of Telecommunications Kanchana Ratwatte, “It is with great personal pride and satisfaction that I identify myself with the next phase of evolution in the mobile industry. As the pioneer in the mobile GSM market I wish to congratulate Dialog GSM for being so swift off the blocks in order to provide the latest in 3G technology to the Sri Lankan market“


on 17th August 2006

HOT on the heels of attaining a 3G assignment from the Sri Lankan Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), Dialog Telekom Limited (Dialog) announced that it will launch commercial 3G services in Colombo effective Wednesday, 16 August 2006. Dialog, a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) in Sri Lanka, received the 3G spectrum assignment from TRC today. The TRC is reported to have assigned spectrum to all four mobile operators in Sri Lanka, including Dialog. Chief Executive Officer of Dialog, Dr Hans Wijayasuriya received the 3G license from Sri Lankan regulatory authorities earlier today, signaling the formal go ahead from the government of Sri Lanka for the introduction of commercial 3G services in Sri Lanka. In a statement issued in Kuala Lumpur today, TM stated that Dialog paid USD5 million for the spectrum assignment. Dialog has been assigned 10MHz of FDD Duplex spectrum and 5 MHz of TDD spectrum in the UMTS band. TM Group Chairman, Tan Sri Dato’ Ir Md Radzi Mansor who is also Dialog Chairman said that Dialog had already demonstrated its commitment to the next generation of mobile phone technology through its investment in 3G trial consisting of 12 Base Stations (Node Bs) in the city of Colombo. Dialog held its first 3G trial in 2004. "Dialog, through its suppliers (namely Alcatel, Ericsson and Huawei) has successfully deployed 3G trial networks. The trial network set up by Dialog has already placed the country ahead of the region with respect to new technology introduction," he added. Meanwhile, Dr Hans said that due to the progressive policies of the regulatory authorities, Sri Lanka is now the first 3G enabled country in South Asia. "Dialog has had the good fortune of being permitted to carry out a 3G trial as far back as two years ago well ahead of regional counterparts. With the introduction of commercial services in the city of Colombo, we begin a new journey to 3G services and high speed mobile broadband," Dr Hans added. TM’s 89.95 per cent shareholding in Dialog is held through TM International Sdn Bhd (TMI). TMI is TM’s international investments holding company, running operations in nine countries in the Asia Pacific region namely Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Iran, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore and Thailand. Dialog had on 19 May 2006 signed an investment agreement with the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BoI) to invest a further USD150 million in Sri Lanka’s telecommunications sector over the next two years. The investment brings the total investment in Dialog Telekom, close to USD450 million. Dialog Telekom Limited is the largest mobile operator in Sri Lanka with over 2.5 million subscribers representing more than 60 per cent market share. It is also the largest listed company on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) in terms of market capitalization with a market capitalization USD1.42 billion (as of 30 June 2006), representing 22.77 per cent of the market capitalization on the CSE. The company has the distinction of having become the first company in Sri Lanka to achieve a market capitalization exceeding USD1 billion.

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Dialog GPRS MMS My TV Settings

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World popular term GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. Dialog GPRS can be accessed via EDGE (less than 32 kbps), UMTS (384 kbps) or HSPA (up to 14.4 Mbps) depending on your handset’s capability.

Normally when you insert your SIM card to a new handset Dialog automatically detects your handset modal and sends you GPRS, MMS and MyTV settings automatically. But all phone models are not supported with this function. If so you can set up your handset to GPRS, MMS or MyTV manually.

Dialog GPRS settings

Use proxy Yes
Proxy Address / IP Address
Port Number / Proxy Port 8080
Username keep it blank
Password keep it blank
APN / Access Point ppwap, or dialogbb
Login Request No
Authentication PAP
Data Compression No
Header Compression No
Allow Calls Automatic
DNS Address keep it blank


Setting up access point

Dialog has 3 different access points. Earlier they were used to provide different services to different types of customers as mentioned below.

Dialog prepaid customers ppwap
Dialog post paid customers
Unlimited mobile broadband customers dialogbb


More settings for various phone modals

Setting up the Proxy Port

Proxy port can vary from 8080 depending on your phone modal.
Please check this article about setting up proxy port manually on Dialog: Dialog GPRS Proxy Port Number

Dialog MMS settings

Setup all the settings as same GPRS settings. Use as the message sever address.

Dialog My TV Settings

Use proxy Yes
Proxy Address / IP Address
Port Number / Proxy Port 554


Set up any other requested settings as given in GPRS settings. If you are using a Sony Ericsson phone, select your previously setup GPRS profile as Connect using.

More information about Dialog MyTV


You will be charged 1 cent per 5kb block for GPRS.

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How To Send Free MMS to Sri Lanka

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Send Free MMS to Dialog, Mobitel and Etisalat

The advantage of sending MMS instead SMS is, you can attach pictures and files in to your messages. Not like in SMS, in a MMS the number of characters you can type per message is unlimited.  Allowing you such a service free is like giving you both car and patrol for free since you need not any handset to use the service.

Send FREE MMS to Sri Lanka Tools

This tool can send professional grade MMS to Dialog, Mobitel and Etisalat with attachments. Unlike other services, in this tool there will be NO advertisements in the messages you send. So it is absolutely free and unlimited. Also this service allows you to attach files into your MMS upto 10MB. This is the only MMS service to offer intelligent photo compressing and file hosting for free in order to deliver large files in a MMS, easily to any network.

More information

If you want more information about MMS technology or more information about above described free MMS servers, please visit this website:

Setup your mobile phone to receive MMS

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Dialog Cricket World Cup Ad

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Dialog Cricket World Cup 2011 TV Commercial

Dialog Cricket World Cup 2011 TV Commercial

කප් එක අපි ආයෙම ගේමු… ලංකාවේ අපේ ජාතික පැතුමයි!