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D.Eliza Artificial Intelligence

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d_elizaD.Eliza is a kind of an Artificial Intelligence which can interact with hundreds of people at the same time and make chat conversations over the internet. D.Eliza was developed in 2009 by Gishan Chaturanga as an experiment. D.Eliza can also be identified as a problem solver and you can have a great time while chatting with her as she can understand what you say very clearly and response accordingly. During the period of 2010-2011, D.Eliza didn’t undergo much improvements. But the system still seems to be stable and running fine and making people funny. Currently D.Eliza can understand plain English only. You can have a chat with her by following

D.Eliza is not a public service. It is running on a private server on experimental basis. It uses pure Microsoft Windows® server technologies as a supportive infrastructure to interact with the internet users. D.Eliza does not involve in any commercial activity. Instead it lives 24 hours online and speaks to creative people all over the world.

Chat with D.Eliza

Have an unforgettable talk:

Free MMS to Dialog

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A new MMS (multimedia messaging service) server for sending Free and Unlimited MMS has been opened. This tool converts your message to MIME content formats as defined in the MMS Message Encapsulation specification and forwards to the Dialog MMSC.


  • Unlimited MMS.
  • Free to use.
  • You can attach pictures, files in to messages.
  • No advertisements, links or any other 3rd party content in messages sent.
  • Your phone number and name are automatically attached with each message you send.
  • Attach files upto 10 MB! This is the only MMS service to offer intelligent photo compressing and file
    hosting for free in order to deliver large files in a MMS, easily to any network.


Send Free MMS using MMS ALT server from this URL:

Please comment regarding any issue.

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