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World popular term GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service. Dialog GPRS can be accessed via EDGE (less than 32 kbps), UMTS (384 kbps) or HSPA (up to 14.4 Mbps) depending on your handset’s capability.

Normally when you insert your SIM card to a new handset Dialog automatically detects your handset modal and sends you GPRS, MMS and MyTV settings automatically. But all phone models are not supported with this function. If so you can set up your handset to GPRS, MMS or MyTV manually.

Dialog GPRS settings

Use proxy Yes
Proxy Address / IP Address
Port Number / Proxy Port 8080
Username keep it blank
Password keep it blank
APN / Access Point ppwap, www.dialogsl.com or dialogbb
Login Request No
Authentication PAP
Data Compression No
Header Compression No
Allow Calls Automatic
DNS Address keep it blank
Homepage http://www.dialogwap.com


Setting up access point

Dialog has 3 different access points. Earlier they were used to provide different services to different types of customers as mentioned below.

Dialog prepaid customers ppwap
Dialog post paid customers www.dialogsl.com
Unlimited mobile broadband customers dialogbb


More settings for various phone modals

Setting up the Proxy Port

Proxy port can vary from 8080 depending on your phone modal.
Please check this article about setting up proxy port manually on Dialog: Dialog GPRS Proxy Port Number

Dialog MMS settings

Setup all the settings as same GPRS settings. Use http://mms.dialog.lk:3130/mmsc as the message sever address.

Dialog My TV Settings

Use proxy Yes
Proxy Address / IP Address
Port Number / Proxy Port 554


Set up any other requested settings as given in GPRS settings. If you are using a Sony Ericsson phone, select your previously setup GPRS profile as Connect using.

More information about Dialog MyTV


You will be charged 1 cent per 5kb block for GPRS.

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    how do i cancel my subscription to dialog mytv??????

    • Goto http://www.mytv.lk on your mobile phone.
      Goto Settings > My Packages >
      Then choose your package and deactivate.

  • How do I susceipe with mytv

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